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Request a Recycling Program or Tour

  1. Recycling Education and Tours

    Whether you are looking for an educational tour of a city facility, are having a public event where you would like an educational booth, or would you like a speaker about recycling, waste reduction and environmental practices we will be happy to help! By filling out this form you are giving us the ability to best serve your needs and the needs of our community. Once the form has been received you will be contacted within 3 to 5 business days in order to answer any questions and schedule your program or tour!

  2. MRF and Carter - Recycling Mascots

  3. Tour Specific Information

    If you are not requesting a tour please disregard this section.

  4. Important Tour Details

    Please note that unless otherwise discussed all tours start at the Kersey Valley Landfill at 3940 Kivett Dr. Jamestown. The Material Recovery Facility is located at 5875 Riverdale Dr. Jamestown

  5. Important tour details

  6. Tour Adaptations

    All tours can be tailored to your specific group. Please check any boxes that apply and detail in the additional comments section OR it will be discussed when a City representative reaches out to you.

  7. How long would you like the program to be?

  8. Note tours are NOT available on Fridays or any day after 3:45

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