High Point, NC


What is a Development Ordinance?

The Development Ordinance is the City's official document that regulates growth and development. It includes zoning, subdivision, and environmental regulations that govern the location, size, and appearance of new development and redevelopment projects in High Point and its extra-territorial jurisdiction (land outside the City limits but still subject to the City's Development Ordinance). The Development Ordinance includes such provisions as zone district regulations, development review procedures, and development standards such as those covering parking, landscaping, building setbacks, size, and appearance. A link to the City's current Development Ordinance can be found in the Work Products link on the home page of this site. Please call 336-883-3328 for more information.

Why did the City rewrite its Development Ordinance?

The last comprehensive revision of the City's Development Ordinance was over 20 years ago (in 1992). In 1992, High Point, Greensboro, and Guilford County decided to adopt a common set of development standards and procedures that would apply in each of the 3 jurisdictions (as a means of simplifying development review County-wide). Over time, each of these three communities realized that it had unique conditions and challenges that require development regulations tailored to specific contexts.

For example, in 2007, High Point adopted the Core City Plan that seeks to revitalize the City's core with new employment and mixed-use development. One of the key obstacles to implementing the recommendations for infill and redevelopment in the Core City Plan was the City's Development Ordinance, which was designed to address planning and development issues on vacant or greenfield sites on the City's periphery. High Point needs to rewrite its Development Ordinance to address modern challenges like infill and redevelopment in the core City while also ensuring that development in suburban contexts remains livable. Please call 336-883-3328 for more information.

Will the new Development Ordinance change the zoning on my property?

The new Development Ordinance focused on modifications to the City’s Development Ordinance, and did not make significant changes to the City’s Official Zoning Map. Please call 336-883-3328 for more information.

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