High Point 911


211 S Hamilton Street
High Point, NC 27261



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211 S Hamilton St
High Point, NC 27261

High Point, NC 27261

Name Title Email Phone
Lingerfelt, Steve Director of IT and 911 Communications 336-883-3286
Williams, Nancy 911 Communications Manager 336-883-3049
Hilton, Kimberly 911 Communications Administrative Assistant 336-883-3214

Adam Team 

Name Title Email Phone
Steele, Brandon Adam Team Supervisor 336-883-3224
Knight, Kevin Telecommunicator II, Trainer 336-883-3224
Fennelly, Devin Telecommunicator II, Trainer 336-883-3224
Tibbetts, Sarah Telecommunicator II 336-883-3224
Strickland, Chelsea Telecommunicator I 336-883-3224
Morgan, Nicole Telecommunicator I 336-883-3224

Baker Team 

Name Title Email Phone
Meservey, Joe Baker Team Supervisor 336-883-3224
Brown, Matthew Master Telecommunicator 336-883-3224
Smith, Julie Master Telecommunicator 336-883-3224
Hilton, Tyler Telecommunicator II 336-883-3224
Weber, Kevin Telecommunicator II 336-883-3224
Smith, Sarah Telecommunicator I 336-883-3224
Mabe, Brandon Telecommunicator I 336-883-3224

Charlie Team 

Name Title Email Phone
Thaggard, Kyle Charlie Team Supervisor 336-883-3224
Honeycutt, Amanda Master Telecommunicator, Trainer 336-883-3224
Downey, Chris Master Telecommunicator, Trainer 336-883-3224
Davenport, Meredith Telecommunicator II 336-883-3224
Hughes, Devin Telecommunicator II 336-883-3224
Reddick, Kaliegh Telecommunicator I 336-883-3224
Martin, Britney Trainee 336-883-3224

David Team 

Name Title Email Phone
Wilson, David David Team Supervisor 336-883-3224
Laughlin, Lori Master Telecommunicator 336-883-3224
Varner, Theresa Telecommunicator II 336-883-3224
Crouse, Jonathan Telecommunicator II 336-883-3224
Caldwell, Seth Telecommunicator I 336-883-3224
Gardiner, Amanda Telecommunicator I 336-883-3224
Frazier, Ellis Telecommunicator I 336-883-3224

Selective Rotation 

211 S. Hamilton Street
High Point, NC 27261

High Point, NC 27261

Name Title Email Phone
Clowdis, Portia Master Telecommunicator 336-883-3224
Barbry, Justin Master Telecommunicator 336-883-3224