City Council


211 S Hamilton Street
3rd Floor
High Point, NC 27261


Link: City Council Page

Name Title Email Phone
Ewing, Jason Ward 6 Council Member 336-862-6102
Golden, Jeff Ward 1 Council Member 336-883-1736
Wagner, Jay W. Mayor 336.883.3305
Williams, Christopher Ward 2 Council Member, Mayor Pro-Tem 336-841-7524
Moore, Britt W. Member at Large 336.687.2200
Scarborough, Donald Member at Large 336.906.3432
Peters, Monica Ward 3 Council Member 336.906.7328
Hudson, Wesley Ward 4 Council Member 336.655.5880
Jones, Victor Ward 5 Council Member 336.899.7777

Executive Team 

211 S Hamilton Street
High Point, NC 27261

P.O. Box 230
High Point, NC 27261


Link: City Council Page

TDD: 336-883-8517

Name Title Email Phone
Demko, Greg City Manager 336-883-8556
McCaslin, Randy Deputy City Manager 336-883-3291
Hemann, Randy Assistant City Manager - Community Services 336-883-8515
Carlyle, JoAnne City Attorney 336-883-3301
Briggs, David Theatre Director 336-883-3627
Burnette, G. Lee Planning Director 336-883-3328
Edwards, Garey Electric Utilities Director 336-883-3172
Hill, Loren Economic Development, President 336-883-3116
Hollis, Jeron Communications & Public Engagement Director 336-883-8507
Houk, Terry Public Services Director 336-883-3215
Kirkwood, Angela Human Resources Director 336-883-3259
Lingerfelt, Steve Information Technology Director 336-883-3286
Martin, Bob Customer Service Director 336-883-3178
McDonald, Mark Transportation Director 336-883-3225
McNair, Mike Community Development & Housing Director 336-883-3676
McKinney, Tim Facility Services Director 336-883-3114
Moore, CPA, Jeff Financial Services Director 336-883-3238
Olmedo, Eric Budget & Administrative Director 336-883-3018
Pugh, PE, Keith Engineering Services Department Director 336-883-3194
Reid, Thomas Fire Chief 336-883-3358
Sizemore, Mary Library Director 336-883-3631
Smith, Gary Fleet Director 336-883-3598
Shultz, Kenneth Chief of Police 336-887--7970
Tillery, Lee Parks and Recreation Director 336-883-3473
Vierling, Lisa B. City Clerk 336-883-3536