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Birdhouse Workshop

  • Registration Fee

    Per person - $10.00,

    Under 12 - $5.00,

    Add birdhouse - $10.00

Full Description

Get ready for spring by building your own bluebird, wren or chickadee birdhouse nesting box. Participants will learn about the natural history of 10 species of cavity-nesting birds and how three species can be attracted to their yard or garden area by providing birdhouses for nesting. Families will assemble two pre-cut birdhouses of their choice. Individuals will choose one to build, with the option to build one additional birdhouse for an extra $10.00 fee. Participants must bring a hammer and a Phillip's head screwdriver or battery-powered screwdriver/drill. Because social distancing cannot be guaranteed, participants are required to wear a face mask.

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