Commercial Use Fees

Use fees for commercial use are for non-exclusive, one-time, North American rights or single country rights only. Individuals and/or entities requesting digital scans of images for the purpose of commercial publication or broadcast, and/or for exhibition are required to sign a Contract of Use. Fees may be reduced, depending on the nature of the request or scope of the work, at staff discretion.

If requested image(s) will be additionally used in electronic media promotion, please let staff know during the inquiry process. A lower-resolution version of the image(s) must be used for any electronic media use.

Call for additional pricing which may be assessed for world-wide publication and/or video distribution.
  • Public Display: In restaurants, offices, commercial exhibits, etc.
    • $75 - $100 per item, can be adjusted for multiple items
  • Editorial Use: Printed media, books, magazines, etc.
    • $75 - $100 per item depending on intended media
  • Television, Film, Video, Other Broadcast Media
    • $100 - $150 per item depending on intended media
  • Advertising Use: In print, broadcast or electronic advertising, etc.
    • $150 - $250 per item depending on intended media