Erosion Control

The state delegated local Erosion Control Program for the City of High Point is mandated by City Council to serve under the direction of the Engineering Services Department which is under the guidance of Director Trevor Spencer, PE. The Erosion Control Program consists of four field Inspectors:  Scott E. Ford, Tyler Morgan, Anita Simpson and Brittany Burke. The Erosion Control Program is located on the second floor of High Point City Hall, 211 South Hamilton Street and can be contacted through Engineering Services at 336-883-3194 during normal business hours (Monday - Friday 8 AM-5PM).

Bank Eroding

Services Provided

The Erosion Control Program is responsible for reviewing and approving Erosion Control Plans, issuing Land-disturbing Permits, inspecting Erosion Control Measures, enforcing State and Local Erosion Control Ordinances, and investigating complaints from citizens concerning sedimentation.

What Is Erosion?

Accelerated erosion is defined as any increase over the rate of natural erosion as a result of land-disturbing activities during construction/grading. Improper erosion control measures during land-disturbing activities are the primary cause for pollution by accelerated erosion which is recognized as the number one pollutant by volume in the State of North Carolina. Recognizing this fact, State and Local Ordinances were developed to prevent Sedimentation Pollution and subsequent damage. Therefore, all grading sites regardless of size must take reasonable measures to protect all public and private property from damage caused by such activity, and some sites may require an Erosion Control Plan professionally prepared and approved. Click on a required plan.

To report erosion and sedimentation violations, or if you have a question, call 336-883-3194 during normal business hours, and 336-883-3111 after normal business hours, or send a "Sediment Complaint" email.