Equipment & Personnel
The High Point Police Traffic Unit has 4 motorcycle officers, 6 unmarked vehicles to concentrate exclusively on investigating traffic crashes and traffic enforcement, 1 K-9 officer dedicated to highway interdiction and 1 full time hit-and-run investigator. This hit and run investigator is also tasked with the investigation of staged crashes.

The Traffic Unit bases its focus on the "3 E's"; education, enforcement and engineering. Traffic officers are available to educate citizens on proper seat-belt and child safety seat installation, and to review or explain North Carolina traffic laws at community watch meetings or other public gatherings. Officers have received training in conducting road safety audits. These audits are used by traffic engineers to better design roadways and improve traffic safety. Working in conjunction with the City Traffic Engineering Division, engineers review each crash report and identify intersections or portions of roadways that can be re-engineered to improve safety and reduce cashes. In addition, Traffic Engineering monitors the traffic flow and congestion through a network of in-pavement sensors and live traffic cameras.

Causes for Crashes
National traffic research has shown the 2 main causes of crashes to be speed and inattentiveness. To reduce crashes, the Traffic Unit focuses enforcement efforts in areas of frequent crashes and traffic related complaints of speeding and unsafe driving. In conjunction with patrol units, the Traffic Unit proactively monitors areas of the City identified through engineering, traffic analysis, and citizen complaints to increase safety on High Point streets.

Traffic Safe City
High Point has been named in the top 10 traffic safe cities in North Carolina by AAA of the Carolinas for the 3rd year in a row, something we are very proud of. Our Traffic Unit has worked hard to help achieve that status.