Drug Market Initiative

In May 2004, The High Point, North Carolina Police Department, using the advisement of David Kennedy, of the John Jay College of Criminal Justice, launched a pioneering crime initiative in an effort to reduce drug-related crimes in the most violent sections of the city. The award-winning High Point Drug Market Initiative (DMI) (PDF) targets the relationship of violent crime as it relates to street-level drug dealing and drug use and that building community resources and strong public bonds is a key factor in helping individuals to disassociate from criminal misconduct.

Second Chance
The Drug Market Initiative allows for a select group of offenders to receive a "second chance" with assistance from their family and the community. The provided assistance takes many forms to include but not limited to:

  • Daycare
  • Employment
  • Family assistance
  • Housing
  • Job training
  • Parenting
  • Substance abuse treatment
  • Transportation

The Drug Market Initiative involves few arrests, few traditional practices, and results in a complete transformation of the areas targeted. The results are immediate and can be sustained for years. The neighborhoods themselves take responsibility for safety in their communities.

The Drug Market Initiative dramatically improves conditions in High Point's most troubled neighborhoods and reduces drug and violent crime city-wide. Most importantly, it does so in a way that addresses and repairs deep historic racial divisions in the community.

Operational Steps
Since its inception The High Point Police Department has implemented the Drug Market Initiative in five areas of the city (West End, Southside, Daniel Brooks, East Green Corridor, and Washington Drive) based on the following Operational Steps:

  • Crime Mapping
  • Survey
  • Incident Review
  • Undercover Operations by Vice / Narcotics
  • Mobilize Community
  • Contact with Offender's Family
  • Call-in / Notification
  • Enforcement
  • Follow Up