Alumni Association

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Alumni Membership
After attending the Citizen's Police Academy, many of the students enjoy the experience so much that they want to continue their involvement with the High Point Police Department. A non-profit group, The High Point Citizen's Police Academy was formed and prior academy graduates have the opportunity to join the Alumni's membership. The group meets at the Police Department one day a month to discuss business related issues. Often times, these meetings also have an educational component with members of the law enforcement community coming in to provide programs and information on a variety of issues of interest.

Police Department Support

In addition to the meetings, the Alumni Group works hard to support the Police Department. Through fundraiser, donations and volunteered time, they provide everything from meals for officers during holidays when most restaurants are closed to refreshments during ceremonies and functions. The group also provides funding through the form of a scholarship which is awarded for students obtaining a law enforcement related degree.

The mission of the High Point Citizen's Police Academy Alumni Association is to:
  • To improve the quality of life of High Point, by supporting High Point Police Department personnel through volunteerism and community activities.
  • To help to develop, enable and nurture positive communication with the citizens.
  • To maintain a relationship with the High Point Police Department as a support group.
  • To support the continued growth and development of the Citizens Police Academy.
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