Helpful Programs

Automatic Bank Drafting

If you're tired of writing checks or making trips to the collections counter at City Hall to pay your utility bill, sign up for automatic bank drafting. Here's how it works: submit an application for Utility Account Bank Draft. If you'd prefer, you can call us at 336.883.3111, and we'll send you a form to fill out and sign, authorizing us to draft your bank account to pay your utility bill.

Each month, we'll send you a bill like we always do so you'll know how much is due. With automatic bank drafting, your utility bill is paid electronically 21 days after the billing date. If you have a question about your bill, call us. If you decide you don't want automatic bank drafting, give us 30 days to make the changes on your account. If you don't want the bill paid with a bank draft, notify us and your bank.

AutoPay - Monthly Credit/Debit Card Draft

With AutoPay your utility account will be automatically drafted each month via the credit or debit card you provide. Your account balance will be processed 21 days following the billing date. Register through Customer Portal to sign up.



Third Party Notification

If, for any reason, you can't respond to a notice that your electricity or water service might be turned off because of unpaid bills, the City provides a way to make sure that someone else, a third party, is notified also. This voluntary program is particularly helpful to those who are ill or elderly and live alone.

Appliance Rebate

Install or replace your electric water heater (minimum capacity of 30 gallons) and get a rebate check up to $150 or install or replace your electric heat pump (minimum seer 15) and get a rebate check up to $400. You must be a City of High Point electric customer to qualify for the appliance rebates. Click here to obtain a Rebate Form (PDF), call us, or  complete the form.

We recommend that you hire a licensed contractor to do the work. Once the work has been inspected by the City's Inspection division, we'll send you - the property owner- a rebate check.

Budget Billing Plan

If you would like to spread your utility payments evenly over 12 months, sign up for the City's budget billing plan. This free service is available to residential utility customers who have good credit, along with 12 months of service at the same location. Budget billing is especially helpful if your electric/water bill is a lot higher in the summer or in the winter.

When you sign up for budget billing, we use your bills from the last 12 months to estimate your annual cost for utilities. Then, we divide your estimated cost by 12 months. The result is your monthly payment. We will review your account periodically to make sure that our estimates are on target. If they are not, your monthly payment will change. There is no settle-up month.