How Your Bill is Calculated

Fixed and Commodity Charges
The amount shown on your bill each month for water and sewer includes a fixed charge and a commodity charge.

Water and Sewer Fixed Charges
This is a minimum charge to all active accounts, even if there is no usage. Fixed charges cover the cost to read and maintain the meter and process your bill. The fixed charge is based on the size of your water meter connection.

Commodity Charges

This is determined by subtracting the monthly meter readings and multiplying by a uniform rate per unit, 748 gallons. All customers located inside the City limits pay the same rate per unit of water consumed. The rate for customers located outside the City limits is double the inside rate.

Sewer Bills
Sewer Rate
Sewer bills for City residents are calculated using a sewer rate, but are based on the amount of water used during the month and the size of the water meter connection. By conserving water, you can reduce your sewer bill. The sewer rate for customers living outside the City limits is double the inside rate.

Swimming Pool Policy
When you initially fill your swimming pool with city water, you will be charged for sewer. If the pool develops a leak or you top off the water level of your pool with City water, your sewer charge may be adjusted once we are notified.

For more information regarding the City's Swimming Pool Policy (PDF) and Adjustment Form (PDF), please email us. If water service is not available but sewer service is provided, the monthly charge may be based on a flat rate.

Electricity Bill
Electricity Basic Facilities Charge
This charge is a minimum bill rendered on active accounts, even if no electricity is used. This covers the cost to read and maintain the meter, to process your bill and to make some system improvements.

Commodity Charges
Your electric bill is based on the number of kilowatt hours (1,000 watts) used and then billed under the appropriate rate. If you think you qualify for a different rate, please call us. The North Carolina gross receipts tax of 7% on electric charges is also added.

Landfill, Storm Water & Solid Waste Fees
Landfill Fee
This fee is used to pay for developing additional space in the landfill.

Storm Water Fee
This fee, based on impervious surface, helps pay to correct flooding problems.

Solid Waste Availability Fee

This fee is for solid waste collections including recycling.