Business Community

Great foresight and planning by the public/private partnership of local government officials and city business leaders have allowed High Point to diversify its economy.

Thriving Business

High Point's 20 largest employers, largest taxpayers, and international companies show that both traditional and newer, high technology companies are thriving in High Point.

Largest Employers
High Point's economy has impressively diversified - due to the planning of High Point's business and government leaders - with new industry sectors joining the city's traditional industries. High Point’s largest employers showcase High Point’s diverse group of industry sectors.

Industry Clusters

Greensboro-High Point targeted industry clusters include:
  • innovative manufacturing
  • aerospace
  • supply chain/logistics
  • life sciences
  • arts and design
  • specialized business services.

Furniture is both a current focus and a legacy industry of High Point and Guilford County, and it overlaps with all but one of the targets.

"What makes High Point unique and successful is the cooperation between city government and the business community." - The Sanford Holshouser Business Development Group

High Point's office/industrial parks

High Point's business parks (PDF) cover all parts of the city.  Piedmont Centre is the largest business park -- home to more than 170 companies and 11,000 employees on 1,100+ acres.  Several smaller parks are all located within Piedmont Centre, such as Eagle Hill, Federal Ridge, Green Point, and Mendenhall at Piedmont Centre.