Pershing Street

Pershing St Day in the Park
The Pershing St Community Watch celebrating their revitalized community park with a "Community Day in the Park" event on May 14, 2016. The group had over 100 people in attendance. The group was able to clean up their park and hold this event with the help of a Community-Based Initiative grant from City of High Point's Community Development and Housing Department and help from the City of High Point's Parks and Recreation Department. They also had many community and business sponsors donating to this free community event.
The Pershing Street Community Watch meets on a monthly basis to discuss the elimination of crime areas and condemned properties. The residents of the Watch keep each other informed of deteriorating properties, vacant over grown lots and increased crimes in the area.

  • 6 p.m.
  • The 3rd Tuesday of every month
  • Full Gospel Miracle Ministry
    1107 Lake Avenue
Plans & Projects
Plans and projects include:
  • Completing a Community-Based Initiative grant and having a grand opening at the “new” community park
  • Completing work on bylaws and mission statement
  • Continuing to make the park more family-friendly
  • Continuing to partner with the City of High Point Parks and Recreation Department to improve the community park
  • Door Knocking Campaign to increase membership
  • Filling all officer positions
Boundaries & Location
The boundaries of the Pershing Street Community Watch Association are Wilson Place to the North, College Avenue to the West, Pershing Street to the East and Kearns Avenue to the South.