Highland Mills

Highland was established in 1913 by Highland Cotton Mill. All the houses, a total of about 150, were built by the Mill. At least one family member had to work for the mill for a family to live in one of the houses. Around 1962 the Mill sold the houses to employees. The Mill closed in the 70s. People who bought the houses have either passed away, or moved away. The families of the ones who passed away did not want to live in them, so they rented or sold them resulting in a very diverse neighborhood.


As the Highland Neighborhood Association, we are trying to rebuild trust among neighbors as it once was. There are only about 5 of the original owners or their family members in the neighborhood. We will keep trying to make our neighbors and friends feel safe and happy again.


  • Community Meal Starting at 6 p.m. and Meeting Beginning at 6:30 p.m.
  • The 2nd Tuesday of Every Month
  • Highland Mills Methodist Church
    1015 Mills Avenue