HPFD Smoke Detector Program

https://www.highpointnc.gov/FormCenter/Fire-Department-13/Request-a-Smoke-Detector-148Smoke alarms should be tested weekly and batteries changed twice a year. Residents should have an alarm on every level of the home and outside every bedroom.

What smoke alarm system do you have in your house?

Did you know that smoke alarm technology has changed drastically in the past few years? Did you know that depending on the year that your house is built, we can predict what sort of smoke alarm system (fire protection) you have in your house? It's true!

Houses built prior to 1976 were required by building code to have battery or electric smoke alarms installed only outside of sleeping areas. Houses built between 1976-1999 were required by building code to have electric (no longer battery) smoke alarms placed outside sleeping areas. Anything built in 1999, or more recent, are required to have smoke alarms in every sleeping room, outside bedrooms, and all other areas on an interconnected system.

What is an interconnected smoke alarm and how is it different than the old ones?

Interconnected smoke alarms (unlike electric or battery) are all connected. If one alarm goes off, they all go off. If a fire starts in one room, but you're in another, the entire system will sound on all alarms that are interconnected.  

This is important to know because fire prevention is the key to avoiding fires and keeping your friends, family and community safe. When your smoke alarms need to be replaced (every 10 years or less) you need to know what smoke alarm system you have.

Program Details

•    Smoke alarm and/or battery installation is provided free of charge as a courtesy to our community.  •    Firefighters will install a maximum of 1 alarm per floor, if working smoke alarms do not exist.•    Firefighters are not able to assist with hardwired smoke alarms.  Occupant will need to contact a handy man or electrician.•    9v Batteries will be replaced as needed.
•    We are not able to assist with cathedral ceilings.

If you would like to have your smoke alarm checked or would like one installed and you live inside the High Point city limits, please click the link below.


If you are a resident of Guilford County (not within High Point city limits), call 336-641-7565.