The Oakview Citizens' Council strives to heighten neighborhood awareness of crime and drug prevention among residents. The Association works closely with City Council members and City Police Officers to build rapport and breakdown barriers which inhibit effective communication around ways to establish a friendly and safe community.


  •  6:30 p.m.
  • The 2nd Monday of every month
  • Oakview Recreation Center - 503 James Rd


Plans & Projects
Plans and projects include:
  • Recruiting new members from areas of the neighborhood where crime has increased
  • Improving participation by neighbors in National Night Out
  • Continuing crime watch efforts
  • Conducting food drives and distribution to needy families in the neighborhood
  • Inviting City Council members to conduct Town Hall meetings with the Association to hear the concerns of the neighborhood
  • Inviting guest speakers to conduct presentations on issues of interest to our neighborhood (i.e., Public Policy established in the State Legislature, Hunger in High Point and Home Fire Safety)
  • Increasing use of the Association website by neighborhood residents to build community
Boundaries & Location
The boundaries of the Oakview Citizens’ Council are: Old Winston Road to the west; Hwy 311 to the north; Centennial Street on the east; Hartley Drive to the south.