Secondary Logo

Secondary Mark Navy and Red
Secondary Mark Sky Blue and Red
Secondary Mark Red and Sky Blue
Secondary Mark Navy and Sky Blue

H Point Secondary Mark

The place brand secondary mark (called the "H Point") adds more depth to our brand and can be implemented in exciting and fun ways across many applications. It does not have to appear with the primary mark - it can be used independently and will build an association with the primary mark over time. 

The mark is also open source, meaning community members can personalize it by changing the colors, adding patterns or abstracting it (within reason).

There are fewer rules around using the H Point because it is meant to symbolize civic pride and individual creativity. However, the City of High Point reserves the right to prevent any individual or organization from using or altering the H Point when such use or alteration damages the overall community brand.

Secondary Mark Forest and Soft Pink
Secondary Mark Yellow and Orange
Secondary Mark Sky Blue and Red
Secondary Mark Royal and Mint
Secondary Mark Orange and Hot Pink
Secondary Mark Mint and Red
Secondary Mark Lavender and Royal
Secondary Mark Hot Pink and Lime