About the Brand


High Point is a diverse community of creatives and makers who collaborate and combine things in new ways and solve problems with new ideas.

Our community recognizes creativity as a fundamental human expression that exists inside everyone without limits or barriers. We are a collective of innovators, designers, builders, problem-solvers and connectors united in a creative revolution.

We aspire to greatness, embracing experimentation and collaboration to push boundaries and take risks. We see creators in every person, regardless of what they are creating - a new painting, a new product, a new relationship or a new idea. At our core, we celebrate creativity in all its forms and its ability to transform not just ourselves but the world around us.

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The Brand Story


We are the people who know that creativity belongs to everyone - that it can't be limited or gatekept or withheld. We are a community of designers, disruptors, builders, makers, problem solvers, innovators, connectors, and collaborators. 


We think big and we try new things and we work together, and we take risks.  We celebrate the creator in everyone, no matter what they're creating. It could be a new bookcase or a new business or a new friendship, or a new community organization. It doesn't matter here; it's all creative.  And what we create in High Point changes the world.

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Brand Principles

High Point is the center of design.

We are a community of creators and makers, anchored by our global history in the furniture industry yet driven forward by the disruptors using all types of design to bring about change today. What we design moves the world.

High Point is inclusive and kind.

Whether they’re a newcomer or long-timeers, our specialty is making everyone feel welcome in High Point. We invite people to make themselves at home, be part of our story, and take advantage of opportunities, regardless of background.

High Point is inspiring creatives.

Our design legacy inspires the visionary thinkers who call High Point home to collaborate and solve all types of problems creatively, building new ways of thinking, doing and living.

High Point is a movement of makers.

We are generous changemakers driven to help others through action, which has built a forward momentum in our community. We're working hard to propel and sustain the innovation that is occurring here in multiple disciplines.

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Brand Personality

Think of the best leader you know. They think big, take risks, and ensure everyone feels part of the team. They value your creativity and emphasize the importance of community and working together. They are forward-thinking, optimistic and passionate about positively impacting the world.

They are visionary. They are encouraging. They are inspiring. They make you feel competent, capable and cared for. And they keep moving forward on their path, despite critics and skeptics. Under their leadership, you accomplish great things and you grow as a person. You become a better leader yourself. That is High Point.