Neighborhood Watch

A Neighborhood Watch program consists of a group of people who want to make the play they live safer. The group works with law enforcement officers to prevent and reduce crime. The  High Point Police Department assists these groups by providing information and education to members.

Getting Organized

Neighborhood Watch groups are spearheaded by community members. The group should select a coordinator to organize meetings and relay information to members.

The Community Engagement Unit is available to speak with groups about safety tips, home security and the importance of reporting suspicious information.

What to Look For

  • Someone sitting in a vehicle for an extended period of time
  • Someone looking into windows and parked vehicles
  • Unusual noises 
  • Property being removed from closed businesses and homes when no one is there
  • Vehicles moving slowly with no apparent destination
  • Vehicles driving slowly without lights at night
  • Anyone being forced into a vehicle
  • A stranger sitting in a vehicle or stopping to talk to a child
  • Abandoned vehicles 
  1. Catherine Queen

    Community Outreach Officer