My Water Connection

High Point, NC provides water to customers through a centralized water treatment plant, which processes water from nearby sources such as Oak Hollow Lake. The water is treated and purified to meet state and federal drinking water standards before being distributed through a network of pipes to residential, commercial, and industrial customers throughout the city.


What is a water meter?

Water meters are devices used to measure the volume of water that flows through a plumbing system. These devices are typically found near the main water supply line, where they can accurately measure the amount of water entering a building. The water meter consists of several components, including the meter body, a register, and a measurement mechanism.

The meter body is the main component of the water meter, and it is typically made of brass or iron. This component is responsible for directing water through the measurement mechanism, which allows for accurate measurement of the water flow rate. The register, which is located on the front of the water meter, displays the volume of water that has passed through the meter. It works like a car odometer, with a series of dials or numbers that move as water flows through the meter.

The measurement mechanism inside the water meter is usually a turbine, which rotates as water flows through it. This rotation activates gears, which turn the odometer-like dials in the register. The more water that flows through the meter, the faster the turbine spins, and the more accurately the meter can measure the volume of water. Water meters are essential for accurate billing of water usage and can help identify leaks or other problems in a plumbing system.

How is my water usage billed?

Your water usage is billed in CCF's. CCF stands for "hundred cubic feet" and is a commonly used unit of measurement for natural gas and water consumption. One CCF is equal to 100 cubic feet, which is approximately 748 gallons of water.

To convert gallons to CCFs, you can divide the number of gallons by 748. For example, if you have 5,000 gallons of water, you divide 5,000 by 748, which gives you approximately 6.68 CCFs. The formula for converting gallons to CCFs is: CCFs = (gallons) / 748. So, to convert any amount of gallons to CCFs, simply divide the number of gallons by 748.

Your sewer is billed in the same units based on water usage. The sewer rate for customers living outside the City limits is double the inside rate.