Lead Free HP

Family sitting on their front steps with a Lead Free Logo on the side

The City of High Point has ensured our residents have clean, great-tasting water for years!  We have met or surpassed federal and state water quality standards, even winning some awards.  We maintain our water distribution system to ensure it remains compliant and meets or exceeds the EPA's current regulations.  

Because of health hazards associated with lead pipes, the EPA recently directed all public utilities in the U.S. to inventory service line pipes extending from our water main to each customer's home.  There is a possibility that lead pipes may still be found in the water system, particularly on private property with homes and businesses built before 1986. The City has started an inventory of the system and will launch a series of tests, including vacuum excavation around the water meters, to ensure our lines are safe.  

For more information about the program, visit our FAQ page or call customer service at 336.883.3111

How to locate your water meter graphic of house and labeled water service lines

The most common sources are lead pipes, faucets and fixtures. Lead service lines, or pipes that connect a home to the water main, are typically the most significant source of lead in water. Lead pipes are more likely to be found in older cities and homes built before 1986 due to the national ban on lead plumbing that year. In homes without lead service lines, the most common sources of lead getting into water are copper pipes with lead solder (banned in 1986) and brass or chrome-plated brass faucets, which were not banned until 2014.