When can I use the kitchen?

Answer:  This project is in the beginning phases, and we do not yet have a location for the kitchen at this time.  The project recently had $4,000,000 allocated to assist in the process of establishing the kitchen. With the continued work of the committee, we are hoping that there will be a kitchen in High Point within in the next couple of years.

Is there a waiting list for potential users?

Answer: We do not have a waiting list, but we are gathering a list of potential users through a survey.  By filling out the survey you are helping to establish the need for a future kitchen.   This will also allow us to contact you in the future and keep you up to date on the progress of this project.   

Where can I go to get assistance in starting a business?

Answer:  There are many resources throughout the community, click here to see the list. 
We also have an entrepreneur checklist that may be helpful in finding information that you may be looking for.

What will the hours of the kitchen be?

Answer: While it is too soon to answer that definitively, typically shared-use kitchens can be accessed by users at any time if they are registered with the kitchen.  There is typically a sign-up calendar that can be accessed to reserve a space and time to use the kitchen.

Is there somewhere that I can take classes to learn more about being an entrepreneur?

Answer: Yes, GTCC offers and Entrepreneurship Certificate and AAS degree with a focus on Entrepreneurship.  For more information visit gtcc.edu. GTCC also has a Small Business Center https://www.gtcc.edu/community-engagement/small-business-center.php