Step 6: Register Your Business with the City of High Point

All businesses are required to register their business with the City of High Point

Businesses which are physically located within the city limits of High Point are required to register with the Municipal Revenue Collection Division and pay a $25.00 registration fee. If a business has two or more locations, each one must register separately. Business registrations must be renewed annually.  The registration year begins on May 1st and ends on the subsequent April 30th. The Application for Business Registration is available at For more information, contact the Municipal Revenue Collections Division at (336) 883-3205.

Businesses which are owned and operated by people with an occupational license issued by the State of North Carolina (such as doctors, dentists, and lawyers) are exempt from registration if those licenses require continuing education.  

Are you serving or selling alcohol? 

As a business that is selling and/or serving alcohol you will need the proper permits, privilege licenses, and registration to do business legally at a city, county, and state level.  You are required to take the additional steps listed:

  1. You must contact the ABC Commission for information about state permits at (919) 779-0700. State permit application forms can be viewed at
  2. If you are selling beer and/or wine, you are required to renew and/or apply for City of High Point Privilege License at
    • For assistance in completing your application and determining your license fee(s) contact (336) 883-3205 or visit the Customer Service Office weekdays 7:30 – 5:00, Municipal Office Building, 211 South Hamilton St, High Point, NC.
  3. For those businesses that are in the portion of High Point that is in Guilford County, there is an additional required license to sell beer and/or wine.  
    • Beverage Licenses Guilford County Tax Department issues a beverage license in accordance with NCGS 105-113.70.  A business that serves beer and wine must have a county license before opening for business.  A copy of your North Carolina State ABC License is required for the county to issue your county license for the first time. A copy of your temporary NC State ABC License is acceptable.  All licenses expire April 30, no matter what date the license is issued. The license must be renewed each year for a fee. An application can be seen at