Our New Logo


Since 1984, our department and staff have been truly proud to serve our citizens, our first responders and those who visit our community each and every day.

Through all of those years, as with everything, our center has evolved with time. We have grown and expanded our department, we have changed logo's, and we have even recently built a new center that we are now proud to call our home for hopefully years to come. But through all of that change, one thing remains the same.

Our passion to serve and assist our community in their times of need. Our drive each and every day, holidays, weekends and nights included, to make sure that someone is there to answer that call for help when needed most.

Our telecommunicators are a family of our own and when our community celebrates, we celebrate, when our community cries, we cry.

It's who we are, the unseen voice on the other side of the phone and radio. We are there for our community day and night while watching over the amazing law enforcement and fire department staff members who are serving on the front lines, making sure that everyone goes home safe at the end of their shifts. No matter what the circumstances may be, we will always be there to answer the call for help!

Here's to a new chapter in our departments history!