Training Division

  1. Devin Fennelly

    Devin Fennelly (CTS)

    Charlie Team Supervisor

  1. Theresa Varner

    Theresa Varner (CTO)

    Master Telecommunicator

    Serving Since 2013

  1. Sarah Tibbetts

    Sarah Tibbetts (CTO)

    Master Telecommunicator

    Serving Since 2013

  1. Meredith Davenport

    Meredith Davenport (CTO)

    Telecommunicator II

    Serving Since 2015

  1. Kaleigh Reddick

    Kaleigh Reddick (CTO)

    Telecommunicator II

    Serving Since 2018

Training News


Congratulations to Ashley Garren! She has successfully completed all of her required training and has been promoted from Trainee to Telecommunicator I. Ashley will be joining the department's Baker Team this Friday.

Devin Fennelly

Congratulations to Devin Fennelly for her appointment as our Telecommunications Training Supervisor.  Before being promoted to Supervisor, Devin served on the training team as they worked to update the curriculum for the modern era.  Her experience during this transition period, as well as her methodical attention to detail, will be a tremendous asset as she finalizes the new training system and oversees the onboarding of our trainees.