KHPB Yard Signs

Show your support!

We are now offering Keep High Point Beautiful yard signs for residents to place in their yards to show some community spirit and to serve as a reminder to keep High Point beautiful!

KHPB Yard Sign


  • What does it cost?

    •  These signs are free thanks to to Keep High Point Beautiful and City of High Point Environmental Services
  • Who should apply for one?

    • Anyone! Do you volunteer with us?  Are you a fan of having a clean and green community? Do you like what we do? These signs show support for our mission and spread the word about what we do. A yard sign is a small way to have a big impact.
  • Where can/can't I put it? 

    • You cannot claim a sign to place on someone else’s property.
    • No sign can be placed on property that is currently in violation of the City’s Code Enforcement rules and regulations.
    • Signage will only be place on privately owned property. (No signage can be placed in public right-of-way)
    • Signage should be used ONLY in promotion of positive community beautification messaging. (Not for contradictory use or social commentary)
  • What if something happens to it?

    • Accidents happen, but you must ensure that the sign is in good condition while displayed. If sign is damaged in any way, please remove and contact KHPB.
    • If it goes missing, let us know!
  • Can I change it?

    • No, please make sure no  alterations are made to the sign
  • What if I don't want it anymore?

    • That's okay! Just contact us and let us know and we will take it back!