Backyard Chickens

Section 12-2- 2 of the City Code of Ordinances was recently amended by City Council to add provisions for the keeping of chickens for personal use in the City. 


The keeping of chickens under this section shall be limited to hens and the keeping male chickens (roosters) shall be prohibited. A maximum of five (5) chickens may be kept per dwelling house and in no event shall the keeping of any animals under this section be allowed for any multifamily dwelling structures.

  • A healthy adult hen generally lays up to 300 eggs a year. Five hens would supply approximately 30 eggs a week which would meet the needs of a typical family of four.
  • Backyard eggs contain 25% more vitamin E, 33% more vitamin A and 75% more beta carotene.
  • Home raising reduces the need for transporting eggs from farm/factory to store to home resulting in a reduction in carbon emissions and packaging materials.
  • Many see a benefit in knowing that the chickens are raised and fed in humane conditions.
  • Chicken manure can be added to compost piles or used directly as a fertilizer when tilled into the soil.