Community gardens and urban farms are considered “Agricultural Production (crops),” and are permitted as a principle use of property within all zoning districts in the City of High Point (4.1 Principal Use Table). 

 Sale of produce grown on-site or on an adjacent lot that is part of the same agricultural operation is permitted provided they take place outside the right-of-way. (4.3.1 Agricultural Uses)

 Questions about city ordinances and community gardens or urban farms? 

 Contact Contact Planning & Development at 336-883-3328. 

He can help walk you through the details about:
Sheds (4.4 Accessory Structures
Fences (5.11 Fences)
Signs (5.7 Signage)
Chickens (Sec. 12-2-2. - Requirements of pens and enclosures for chickens, pigeons, rabbits, etc.)


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 Listed below are some typical projects that require a zoning permit and inspection:

  • Signs
  • Fences
  • Residential accessory buildings with all dimensions (height, width, or depth) 12 feet or less
  • Land uses of property with no buildings
  • Mobile food vendors that are not located on a street or sidewalk
  • Outdoor seasonal sales for seasonal agriculture projects, such as Christmas trees, pumpkins and living plants
  • Special events, such as arts and crafts shows, musical events, concerts, carnivals, outdoor religious events
  • Temporary land clearing and inert debris landfills