Storm Drain Art Project

The City of High Point Stormwater Division, with the help of Keep High Point Beautiful, is seeking local artists to paint storm drains in the parking lot of the High Point Public Library. These paintings will play an important role in educating fellow citizens about stormwater pollution in an eye-catching and memorable way.

Why Storm Drains?

Storm drains take rain water runoff from streets, parking lots, roofs, and many other surfaces and channel it back into our natural waterways untreated.  This means it's very important that we protect these storm drains from receiving pollutants like trash, oil, and sediment.  Education is a major component to pollution prevention and storm drain art can help us educate! 

SW 1
SW 2
SW 3

Why participate?

  • You get to have your artwork displayed in a highly visible and visited area. 
  • Artists will receive a stipend of $300 upon completion of art. 
  • High schoolers can be granted volunteer hours in lieu of a stipend. 
  • You will be playing an important role in educating city residents on water quality issues.
  • Help to beautify the city! 
  • Your work will be featured on City of High Point and Keep High Point Beautiful’s social media pages and websites.

Who can participate?

Any local artist is welcome to submit a design. This project is open to artists age 14 and older. Entries by those under 18 require a parent or guardian signature and will require a parent or guardian be present during the painting of the storm drain.

Click here for submittal details and design guidelines!

Submission form and site map can be found at the bottom of this page.

Many other cities have had successful storm drain art programs.  Check out the images below to see what they have done! 

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The deadline for submittal is Tuesday, October 17, 2023.

Map showing locations of storm drains in the library parking lot.