City Manager


"Creating the single most livable, safe and prosperous community in America" is the vision statement of the City of High Point. The City Manager is responsible to the Mayor and City Council for providing the executive leadership and organizational support necessary for achieving and realizing the vision.


The City Manager's Office consists of the following:

City Manager, Tasha Logan Ford
Deputy City Manager, Greg Ferguson 
Assistant City Manager - Administrative Services, Eric Olmedo
Assistant City Manager - Public Services, Damon Dequenne
Budget Office
Economic Development Corporation


The City Manager's Office also:

  • Coordinates policies, programs and priorities of the City government
  • Ensures that the Mayor's and City Council's policies are carried out
  • Establishes standards and priorities of the Executive Team and staff
  • Handles departmental programs and budgets
  • Makes recommendations on all matters to the Mayor and City Council
  • Manages and monitors the performance of the Executive Team and staff to ensure services are being provided in a sound, efficient and effective manner
  • Reviews and approves policy and program initiatives