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City of High Point Event Policy

Thank you for considering the City of High Point, North Carolina as a location for your event.  The City of High Point is the setting for many events throughout the year and we look forward to working with you throughout the application process.  This policy serves as a guide for event applicants to ensure that all needed information is submitted, and all rules, regulations, and ordinances are followed.

Our goal is to serve as a one-stop point of contact for application submittal, thereby streamlining the application process so it is as user-friendly as possible.  By completing the appropriate application process, event organizers will inform the City of High Point about specific details of your event that will enable your event to be as successful as possible.  In addition, the appropriate information will be forwarded to all applicable City of High Point departments to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all attendees and event personnel.

Click on the following link to apply for a special permit:

Click this link for guidance on applying for a permit for any of the special events listed below. 

Special Event Application - Parade, Footrace, Bicycle Race or Festival

Application for the block party permit - A planned gathering of persons in which a public street will be closed that is sponsored by a business, place of worship, non-profit organization or community interest group.

Notice of intent to picket - To make a public display or demonstration of sentiment for or against a person or cause, including those demonstrations which may include the distribution of leaflets or handbills, the display of signs and any oral communication or speech, which may involve an effort to persuade or influence, including all expressive and symbolic conduct, whether active or passive, upon those portions of the public street and sidewalks not used primarily for vehicular parking and moving traffic and not constituting a parade.

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