Elm Street Project

The Elm Street Project: 

As the City of High Point prepares for new downtown development, portions of N. Elm Street between Gatewood Avenue and English Road will be closed beginning Monday, September 10 through February 2019 while underground utility improvements are made.

Current Traffic Pattern
traffic map elm street updated 11.12
  1. 9/5/18
  2. 9/7/18
  3. 9/12/18
  4. 9/19/18
  5. 9/26/18

Construction is anticipated to begin on Monday, September 10. Further information about detour routes will be provided soon, and directional signage will be in place.

  1. 10/4/18
  2. 10/10/18
  3. 10/17/2018
  4. 10/25/2018
  5. 10/31/2018

Contractors installed 27 linear feet of 18" reinforced concrete pipe and set the catch basin. They also tied in the existing 12" pipe to the catch basin. They will continue to lay more pipe through next week, and no changes will be made to the current road closures.

  1. 11/7/2018
  2. 11/14/2018
  3. 11/21/2018
  4. 11/28/2018
  5. 12/5/2018
This week, contractors installed storm drains, began paving and pretested the installed water line section. Next week they will finish paving the Gatewood and Elm Street intersection as well as continuing to lay water, storm and sewer lines. The change in traffic pattern (as seen above) will occur some time next week, as work progresses. 
  1. 12/12/2018
  2. 12/20/2018
  3. 1/2/2019
  4. 1/9/2019
  5. 1/16/2019

In the past week, crews were able to work on storm sewer runs and the 6" water service before preparing for winter weather and cleaning the site after the snowfall. Next week they will finish the storm sewer runs and install storm drain and sewer through Church Avenue toward English Road. They will also install a water line to English Road. The Church Street intersection has been closed. 

  1. 1/23/2019
  2. 1/30/2019
  3. 2/4/2019
  4. 2/14/2019
  5. 2/20/2019
This week, crews continued to install storm, waterline and sewer toward English Road, and they paved up to Church. Electric completed the ductbank past the driveway entrance to Davis-Goldberg Orthodontics. Once the other crews move their road closure further south, Electric will continue to construct more ductbank. In the meantime, to allow Garney crews to operate and to decrease equipment in the roadway, Electric has instructed Pike to start pulling in cable and they will be hooking up secondary cable in the boxes set last week. 
Next week, Garney crews will continue installing storm pipe, waterline and sewer toward English and storm in the Church intersection. Electric will continue pulling cable in installed vaults and place additional light pole bases down Gatewood. 
  1. 2/27/2019
  2. 3/6/2019
  3. 3/14/2019
Crews have continued to install storm and sewer lines toward English, and finished the 6" tie in at Church Avenue to the new 12" water line. Electric crews have completed the duct bank up to Church Avenue, and have installed two 5x5 boxes for wire pulls. Electric will keep moving toward English and plan on making their connection up Church Avenue next week. Contracting crews will keep installing sewer toward English, and finish the storm line. Weather depending, they'll finish paving through the Church intersection next week.