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Will Davis

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Originally from

- High Point, NC


- Technical Sales Representative at Ethox Chemicals (a division of Piedmont Chemical Industries)

Why I love High Point

- I love High Point because it has helped to make me who I am today.  Being born and raised in the city, I grew up learning to love and embrace everything that it has to offer. I love its uniqueness of having a small town feel while being an international influence as the Furniture Capital of the World. I love the people in High Point who all share the same goal of making it something to be proud of.

Why I chose to get involved

- I wanted to get involved because I see the potential High Point has to become something great. Since the city has given so much to me, I want to help it become a place that people recognize when they hear about it. The energy that exists when you hear people talk about revitalization efforts was too much for me to turn away from; I want to do