Humanitarian Award Recipients

Previous winners of the award are: 

Jakkie Davis - 2023 
Rev. Robert Williams Jr. - 2022
Chase Clark - 2021
 No recipient - 2020
 Jo Williams - 2019
 Carl Vierling - 2018

Dr. Burdell Knight - 2017

Lisa Kiziah Hawley - 2016 for Lisa's Kids 

Margarita Kerkado - 2015 
 Mrs. Manilla D. Dean - 2013
for extensive work at West End Ministries

Charles M. “Fly” McClendon - 2012 for an array of activities in the community, including High Point jail ministry, Ward Street Missions and Bible study for substance abusers.

Dr. Michael B. Hussey and Betsy Leach - 2011  for their selfless service to others, providing medical assistance to the community

Robert “Bob” Rule and Bishop Terry L. Young-2010  for outstanding accomplishments and unyielding efforts in bringing forth change in the community

Revonda Johnson- 2009  for work on social justice and human rights

Terry Aiken-2008 for his involvement with Family Services, Kids Voting and the National Conference for Community and Justice

 Thomas Burke-2007 
 Rebecca M. Yates-2006 
 Ed Price, Jr.-2005 
 Raymond Payne-2004  
for work with the homeless

 Danny McDonald-2003 
 Jim Morgan 2002 
 Dr. Michael T. McNamara-2001 
 Donna Boger-2000 
 Garry Burnett-1998 
 Rev. F. L. Andrews-1997 
 Dr. Lillie Jones-1996 
 Rachel Gray-1995 
 Lois Powell-1994 
 Dr. Otis Tillman-1993 
 Bill Harris-1992 
 Rev. Ronald Wilkins-1991 
 Raymond McAllister, Sr.-1990 
 Dr. Marcus Alderholdt-1989 
 Atty. John Langford-1988 
 Mary P. Brown-1987 
 Elaine Carter-1986 
 Atty. James & Edith Mattocks-1985 
 Dr. Samuel Burford-1984 
 Dorothy Kearns-1983 
 Ruth Melton-1982