2016 Teen Summer Volunteer Applications

Instructions for Applying to Be a 2016 Teen Volunteer

Make sure you read all the documents below thoroughly and follow the instructions provided. If you do not read the directions you may not complete the process correctly and may be eliminated from consideration.

In order to download and print the items needed to make up the packet, you will need to go to this link.

Volunteer Packet

Make sure you return all the items that indicate they are part of the packet.

All items, except references, should be returned together at one time. All items in the packet must be returned by 7:30 pm on June 3rd, 2016.  No exceptions.


What is included in the Teen Summer Volunteering Packet:

    • Teen Summer Library Volunteer Program Information Sheet and Instructions (2 pages)
    • Volunteer Application (Packet item-return as part of application) (6 pages)
    • Profile and Essay Questions (Packet item-return as part of application) (2 pages)
    • Instructions for Reference forms (1 page)
    • Reference/Recommendation forms   (These forms are part of packet but will be returned by person providing reference via mail)  (3 pages for each reference)
    • Rules and Guidelines/Code of Conduct for Teen Volunteers (Packet item-return signed copy as part of application) (2 pages)
    • What happens next?  (Instructions about placement notifications) (1 page)