Recycling Services

  • Curbside Recycling
    • In 2009, the City provided one 95-gallon green recycling cart to each residence. If you have excess recycling, you may wish to purchase an additional recycling cart
    • Recycling Carts
    • Recycling is collected on an every other week basis:
    • Items should be placed commingled loosely in your cart. This means that unlike garbage, recyclables should not be bagged. Cardboard boxes should be flattened, and everything should fit in your cart with the lid closed. 
    • Please do not put plastic bags, Styrofoam, clothing, medical waste, needles, food waste, hoses or cords in your recycling carts!
Bag Your Trash
No Bags in Recycling Cart
Electronics Recycled
  • Electronic Waste Recycling
    • As of July 1, 2011, the State of North Carolina has banned all computer equipment and televisions from disposal in landfills.
    • Electronics cannot be placed in curbside carts as they will damage our sorting machinery, but we offer multiple sites for residents to drop them off at no charge. 
    • Electronics eligible for recycling include CD,VHS, DVD and DVR players, computer equipment, connectors, cables and wiring, digital cameras, electronic games and toys, fax machines, old cell phones, small appliances (vacuum cleaners, blenders, fans, microwaves, etc.), stereo equipment and televisions.
  • Household Hazardous Waste
    • Certain household wastes are not accepted in your curbside cart, because they can be hazardous to our environment and collection workers. The City has established a Household Hazardous Waste program to provide residents the opportunity to properly dispose of these wastes at our facility on E. MLK Jr. Drive for free. 
Properly Bagged Yard Waste

Recycling Drop-Off Sites

The City offers 17 recycling drop-off locations for residents to drop off excess recycling, or large cardboard boxes that cannot fit inside your cart. 

Recycling Education & Outreach

Upon request, the City's Recycling Division will happily provide presentations, tours of our recycling facility and educational information to the public. 

Recycling Truck

Missed Collection

Was your garbage or recycling curbside cart not emptied on your collection day? If you have been missed, call Customer Service at 336.883.3111.

What Do I Do With This?

If you have an item that you're not sure if it belongs in your garbage, recycling or yard waste cart, check out our handy guide of common items and how to properly dispose of them. Here are a few more helpful links for solid waste disposal: