Volunteering & Community Service

Summer Teen Volunteering

Applications for our 2023 Summer Volunteer Program are available!

Things to consider before applying to be a summer volunteer:
     → We are only taking volunteers on the weekends, so volunteers will only receive 2 hours of volunteer/service learning hours per week. The  summer volunteer program lasts for 10 weeks, from Saturday, June 10 through Sunday, August 13, giving each participant up to 20      volunteer/service learning hours throughout the summer.
       → We understand the summer is full of vacations and camps and we will accommodate for them, but if you will be gone for more than 3 weekend shifts, this might not be the right time for you to volunteer.
       → There will be mandatory training on Monday, May 22 or Wednesday, May 24 at 5:30 p.m.

Still want to be a summer volunteer? Awesome!! 

Download the application packet and have it turned in by Sunday, April 30 by 5:30 p.m.

2023 Summer Volunteer Application Packet

Unable to be a summer volunteer but want to earn volunteer/service learning hours on your own time?

We currently have a few options for that!


The Volunteer Center of the Triad's new initiative, VolunTeen, will offer youth ages 11-18 the opportunity to experience meaningful and positive volunteer opportunities to create a lifelong interest in service to the community. Learn more on their website, here.

Special Events Volunteering:
When we, or those we've partnered with, have upcoming events where volunteer help is needed, we reach out to those on our Special Events email list. These events can range from helping out at the Farmers Market to supervising a Children's department movie screening. To be added to the Special Events email list, fill out the application below and keep in mind there may be times where we we only have an event or two a month.

Special Events Application

Virtual Volunteering:

There are currently two different ways to get volunteer/service learning hours virtually. Learn more about those options here.

For information on Guilford County Schools' service-learning requirements, click here.

Community Service

If you need hours for court-ordered Community Service, please fill out the Community Service application and send it to jo.williamson@highpointnc.gov. We will try and work you in as quickly as possible, but we cannot guarantee community service hours.

Community Service Application

If you need other volunteer opportunities, please try one of these great organizations.

  • Habitat for Humanity (Only accepting court or lawyer referred community service)
  • High Point Theatre (Volunteers must be 16 or older)
  • The Salvation Army (Only accepting court or lawyer referred community service)
  • Triad Food Pantry (Contact: Jo Williams: snmart2@aol.com)
  • Helping Hands Ministry (Contact: Steve Key: helpinghandshighpoint@gmail.com)
  • VolunTeen (Through The Volunteer Center, serving the Triad)
The High Point Public Library is a rich institution because of the support of people such as you who are willing to share their time, energy and imagination with us. We appreciate your making us what we are.

Volunteer Duties

Do you think you would like to...
  • Help register participants in the children's summer reading program and book club?
  • Help with children's programs?
  • Help prepare craft and bulletin board materials?
  • Help prepare newsletters for mailing?
  • Help clean books and nonprint materials?
  • Help check order on the shelves?
  • Help with book sales?
  • Assist with filing and sorting?
  • Assist with shelving of materials?
  • Assist with weeding and shifting of library materials?

Support for the Library

You are one of a growing number of community members who are interested in helping your public library. It is because of people who feel the way you do that High Point Public Library is recognized as one of the best public libraries in North Carolina. We want you to help make it the best public library ever.

Interest & Skills

Our current volunteer opportunities do not always match the interests or skills of an individual volunteer. If there is not a volunteer opportunity that's right for you now, there may be one in the near future.

Volunteer Data

We will keep your Volunteer Data Form in our pool of interested volunteers for six months from the date of your application. As we become aware of volunteer opportunities which we feel would interest you we will share your form with the library staff member who will be supervising the volunteer project. Although we cannot predict when or if you will be called, we certainly hope we can find the right volunteer opportunity for you soon!