Overhead to Underground Conversion

For residences who plan to upgrade their electric service, the City of High Point Electric Department will install the electric service line underground from the roadway to the home at no cost.


The following criteria must apply:

  • Customer upgrades their meter base from a 60 amp service to a 200 amp service.
  • Customer upgrades their meter base from a 100 amp service to a 200 amp service AND installs a new heat pump or new central air conditioning system WITHIN 30 days of the Electrical Inspector's approval for the metering. After 30 days charges will apply.
  • The meter base is within 150 feet of the utility pole from where the underground trenching begins.

If you are considering changing your existing aerial electric service line from overhead to underground, and you’re not planning on doing any upgrades to your meter base or adding significant power loads, there will be a fee equal to the material and labor charge cost for the city to perform the work.


In order to receive an underground electric service to an existing house, there cannot be any obstacles such as sidewalks, cement/paved drives, irrigation systems, landscape lighting, or underground water lines within the pathway of the proposed electric line. If the city has to use additional equipment for trenching or boring under cement/paved drives, extra charges will be assessed at that time.

Consultation & Approval

Prior to making arrangements for underground electric service, the resident must meet with an electrical engineer on the property for consultation and approval. You may contact Brad Wright at 336-883-3054 to schedule your appointment.


Never begin electrical work on your meter base, and assume the electric service line can be installed underground. Other utilities such as natural gas, telephone, cable, water, and sewer may already have right-of-ways for their services on your property. The underground electric line must maintain a certain distance from the existing utilities making it difficult for certain homeowners to attain underground electric service. This is why it's imperative to meet with an electrical engineer prior to beginning your electrical upgrades to assure your property can support underground electric service.