Standards of Department Management

Employee Training & Development

The department will provide ongoing training programs in job skills and cross training to encourage employee development.


The department will generate funds to pay annual operating costs, capital traditionally funded by revenues, and debt service on bonds issued to pay for capital improvements. Annual revenues will also be used to maintain a fund balance or contingency reserve of at least 5% and to transfer to the General Fund not less than six percent of the depreciated book value of Electric Fund fixed assets plus bonded indebtedness.

The percent of non-collectable revenues on accounts, which are more than 3-years old, will be less than 0.3%.

Long-range Plan

The department will maintain a line range plan for electrical load expansion through new construction and for replacement of deteriorated facilities.


The Electric Department will cooperate with other city departments to provide efficient, effective services.


The department will inform its employees, management, City Council, and citizens about its efforts to provide safe, cost efficient electrical service.