Standards of System Operation & Maintenance


The Electric Department will abide by standards established in the American National Standard for Utility Voltage (C84.1-1982_. Service conductors will be designed to prevent voltage drops of more than three percent. Customer deliveries will be designed to prevent voltage flicker of more than three percent.

Meter Accuracy

The Electric Meter shop will test meters for accuracy on a regular schedule, according to North Carolina Utilities Commission guidelines, and will maintain a system wide meter accuracy of 99.8%, within a standard deviation of 0.3%.

Meter Reading

Each electric and water meter will be read monthly. The department will continue to emphasize accuracy in meter reading, so that no more than 20 utility accounts need adjusting each month.

Street Lights

Average street lighting levels in the central business district will be 5-foot candles; along major thoroughfares will be 2-foot candles; along collector street will be 1-foot candles; and along residential streets will be one half foot candles. Uniformity ratios will be better than 5 to 1, and street lights will be placed within 30 feet of all intersections.

Tree Trimming

The department will strive to trim or remove trees which interfere with utility lines on a 3-year cycle, so that tree-related trouble calls can be kept to a maximum of five each year, unless caused by severe storms.