The Electric Department works hard to provide excellent customer service to all of our customers. We have adopted the Customer Service Initiative Plan that is providing each employee with the tools to assist all of our customers' needs with one phone call. Please feel free to browse our site and submit a suggestion or comment regarding this site or any other concern that we might be able to help you resolve.

Mission Statement of Electric Department

The mission of the City of High Point Electric Department is to operate the electric system as a business for the benefit of all the city's residents. In serving its customers, the department will use technology which meets current electrical codes and which provides reliable service so that outages do not significantly affect the city's economic well-being or cause discomfort for its residents. The department will treat its customers with the utmost courtesy and empathy, and will attempt to meet their individual service needs while maintaining a consistent level of service for all.

To accomplish its mission, the Electric Department has adopted the following standards.