Engineering Department

The Engineering Department is headed by Al Ball. We can assist commercial and residential customers with planning, prints, consults, and various other electrical projects that need precise technical intervention.

Operations Division

The Operations Division, is responsible for the installation, operation, and maintenance of the power distribution grid throughout the city. It is comprised of several divisions:

Meter Shop

The Meter Shop is supervised by David Johnson. They are responsible for installing, maintaining, and repairing all meters within the City of High Point and outlying areas.

Overhead Department

The Overhead Department is led by Darrell Damron. They have many important assignments that include maintaining and repairing transmission lines, construction of electrical system, reconstruction of new lines, maintain existing electrical system, restore power during emergency situations, install and maintain overhead transformers, replace and repair down power lines, install and remove poles.


The Substations staff monitors the whole electrical system in the City of High Point, troubleshoot problems from remote locations, and dispatch electricians directly to problem sites for expeditious repair limiting the time of power outages.

Tree Trimming Division

The Tree Trimming Division is headed by Charlie Collier. They are responsible for ensuring that all of High Point's electrical lines and poles are free from tree related incidents. The crews will trim limbs, cut vines, and remove dead trees that are within dangerous proximity of any power lines whether on city or private property.

Underground Division

The Underground Division, led by Dereck Breedlove, has responsibilities including installation, maintenance, and repair of all underground lines; installation and repair of street and area lights; maintenance and repair of underground transformers; maintenance, installation, and repair of electrical switches.