Business Research

Data Axle

This service is accessible outside the library with a library card number.


Data Axle is the leading provider in business and consumer research. Offering a full-service platform, Data Axle helps users:
  • Conduct competitive analysis
  • Create marketing plans
  • Locate people
  • Raise funds


Our database selections and real-time access to:
  • More than 20 Million Businesses
  • 222 Million Consumers
  • U.S. New Businesses
  • U.S. New Homeowners and Movers
Make research easy and fast.  Data Axle’s quality information helps researchers, students and job-seekers.

Gale Virtual Reference Library

(Accessible outside the library with password, you can obtain the password by clicking here)


Gale Virtual Reference Library provides access to the Business Plan Handbook Series. This series of over thirty volumes presents real business plans created by entrepreneurs and small business owners. Use these examples as guides and inspiration when writing and styling your business plan.